MULTIDISCIPLINARY ARTIST, researcher and cocreator

Writing, Photography, Research, Design, Music & Consciousness Co-creation…



I was born in 1980 into a working family that migrated from the countryside, - Extremadura to Madrid, Spain. When I was 8 years old, one of my brothers lost his life, which led me to experience a double loss, his and that of the rest of my nuclear family, immersed in the darkness of grief. I found in writing an escape route from the existential loneliness I felt for a long time.

Studying graphic design was the key to changing my circumstances and travelling the world in a sustainable way, after years of frustration and school failure. 

I have enjoyed research, creativity and innovation working in UX Design in tech companies in Spain, Portugal and Germany, but I did not find the expansion and the purpose that I wanted, even in a leadership position, because I had to fit in a  system that didn't match my needs, wants and motivations.

creative practice

In the last two years, I have led my life by observing with curiosity and compassion different expressions of my authentic self (they/them), loving me and providing what my mind, body and soul want and need to live more fully in an intuitive way.

I have been working on a docu-fiction script, several dj sets, my first novel, my third poetry book and my first album as a music producer and singer, from which I explore trauma and resilience, emotions, wounds, masks, identity, queerness, undiagnosed neurodivergence in adulthood, the relationship with oneself and others, and after all that, the power of joy and acceptance.